Top 5 tips for shippers in 2023

intermodal shipping and esg

The past six years have been a roller-coaster ride for domestic transportation. Supply chain management has become part of mainstream discussion thanks not only to the COVID pandemic, but also to the geopolitical environment becoming unstable. Companies can no longer take a passive approach to manage their transportation services and expect things to “return to […]

Research Corner: Do Consumers Maintain Momentum Through Q4?

As the famous adage goes, never doubt the American consumer. Throughout the pandemic, the American consumer has shown a willingness to spend but was also able to pay off tremendous amounts of debt thanks to stimulus payments provided by the government. Since the stimulus measures have expired, American consumers have shifted their spending habits back […]

Research Corner: Brokers Are Concerned About Retaining Top Customers

For freight brokers who are moving contract freight, it’s been a pretty good year so far. The good times won’t last forever, so cheers to you and enjoy the ride while it lasts. For brokers who are living the spot market life, it’s been a bumpy ride. For freight brokers competition is pivoting to price, […]

On The Spot: Where Does The Market Go From Here?

The freight market has been easing since March, but recent developments show that the contract market is finally starting to roll over. Contract rates currently sit at levels not experienced since January while spot rates continue to set new cycle lows. With contract rates ruling the roost, rejection rates are below 6% for the first […]

Research Corner: What Do Carriers Think Of AB5?

California’s AB5 has made for the kind of articles media outlets dream about. As it’s been litigated over the past couple of years, we’ve seen unions jostle with lobbyists, spirited protests slow commerce (see last month’s blockade at the Port of Oakland) and a larger ideological showdown that pits ideals of workers’ rights against the […]

On The Spot: Pareto’s Law In The Top 50 Freight Markets

We’re reaching back into the old treasure chest of research reports this morning to dig out a classic from October 2020. The core of the report was based on how volumes affect lane pricing and volatility . In the paper FreightWaves confirmed the Top 25 freight markets represent 53.24% of outbound tender load volumes in the U.S. […]

Research Corner: Brokerage Margins Expanded In Q2, Why?

The second quarter was relatively strong for freight brokerages, both pure plays like C.H. Robinson and those within larger transportation companies like J.B. Hunt’s Integrated Capacity Solutions (ICS). As the freight market softened throughout the quarter, brokerages were largely able to expand margins as expected during the beginning of a down cycle. FreightWaves’ head of research […]

SONAR now has spot to contract rate spread

SONAR now contains a spot to contract rate spread index (RATES) to help users understand the short- and long-term relationships between transactional and long-term truckload pricing trends.

SONAR Container Atlas is a new maritime container shipping monitor 

FreightWaves SONAR is adding to its upstream view of the supply chain with the expansion of its maritime visibility solution. SONAR Container Atlas, or SCA, provides a complete picture of container freight shipping patterns for freight bound for the U.S.  SCA measures maritime container shipping activity by using three primary components:  Ocean container spot rates, […]

How quickly the market turns

Earnings season is upon us and executives of publicly traded transportation companies are providing their results from the first quarter. They are also providing updates on current market conditions and what they see ahead. The first major player to report earnings was J.B. Hunt, the largest domestic intermodal player in the industry. As expected, earnings  […]

How Edge Logistics uses FreightWaves SONAR to Automate Years of Tribal Knowledge

View the Full Case Study The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented uncertainty to the freight market, sending freight rates from some of the lowest levels in recent years to record-high levels in just 18 months. When looking for partners, shippers are seeking those that actively participate in the freight market in addition to providing strong service […]

FreightWaves adds fuel data to SONAR SCI

FreightWaves has upgraded SONAR SCI to include fuel surcharge estimates at the lane level. FreightWaves is also adding the Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI) to the SONAR platform.