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Being able to benchmark your performance against the industry is critical to understanding the true measure of your fleet’s operational effectiveness and the ability to develop sound business strategies. Designed specifically with small to midsize truckload carriers in mind, StakUp analyzes vital areas of performance and business health metrics like operating revenue and end-of-month driver count. Comparisons to other fleets can be presented in a number of ways, including gauges, charts and lists.

Understanding the Benefits

Compare company performance against our entire database of carriers.

Users will be able to:

  • Access the tool for FREE through the end of 2023
  • Receive immediate access to top carrier KPIs like operating revenue and fixed overhead expenses after submitting your data
  • View aggregated and anonymous company insights — your data remains anonymous and safe
  • Narrow down performance based on companies similar to yours

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and complete your company profile.

Upload your data

via a .csv template, which we will remind you to update on a monthly basis. While we only require 11 key data points, the more data you share, the more valuable the insights will be.

See how you StakUp

by reviewing your data and comparing it to your peers, using the insights to capitalize on strengths and address areas of weakness.