SONAR Freight Market Data

Stay on top of supply and demand dynamics across all modes of transportation with SONAR’s best-in-class freight data and analytics

SONAR offers users the newest, most up-to-date freight market data, collected at the point of booking, to provide the clearest insight into the freight market. SONAR aggregates market information from numerous freight data sources, including:

SONAR equips users with actionable insights to make data-informed decisions despite market volatility and provides advanced perspectives on where the physical economy is going, often weeks or months before other data sources.

Using SONAR Freight Economy Data

Who benefits from SONAR freight market data?

SONAR benefits individuals and companies by providing exclusive, reliable insights and actionable intelligence. Shippers, carriers, freight brokers, 3PLs, financial experts and more rely on SONAR to visualize freight movement patterns, navigate volatility and manage budgets.

Actionable Supply Chain Data Based on Metrics That Move the Freight Market

Outperform the competition using SONAR’s deep freight rate benchmarking tools to track rate performance against competitors and the overall market.

  • Navigate freight volatility with multidimensional market data
  • Access the most accurate spot rates in the market with FreightWaves TRAC
  • Unlock daily, audited contract freight rates
  • Track the impact of freight tenders at a granular level
  • Benchmark operational efficiency and profitability
  • See freight flows to target the right markets
  • Explore interactive freight maps and charts

Trucking Data Intelligence

TRAC Spot Rates

Secure more loads with rates that reflect current market conditions. TRAC collects trucking data daily from a consortium of enterprise 3PLs adhering to a standardized protocol. SONAR’s’ TRAC spot rate methodology incorporates data at the point of booking to provide the most accurate insight into freight pricing.

Screenshot of a SONAR dashboard displaying Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)


Benchmark your freight contracts against both price and tender acceptance. SONAR SCI (Supply Chain Intelligence) gives users access to freight pricing data collected from market-driving shippers. Access supply chain data and paid contract rates from freight shipper invoices valued at $125 billion.

Capacity Tracking

SONAR’s freight data enables you to spot capacity trends to maximize margins. Stay on top of supply and demand dynamics on a global, regional and local scale. Compare and contrast outbound tender volumes and outbound tender rejections to optimize freight rates.

Rail, Intermodal and Warehousing Data

Keep freight moving with SONAR’s intermodal and rail data. Access data across 135 metropolitan areas to estimate cost and impact.

Economic Intelligence

Take advantage of macroeconomic insights with SONAR’s data.

Weather and Road Condition Monitoring

Access monitoring information around critical weather events, as well as radar and temperature data, to help you move assets amid bad or changing weather conditions.

Maritime and Global Trade

Navigate supply and demand dynamics in ocean markets with Container Atlas, available only through SONAR. Utilize bookings and container rate data from multiple providers to gauge risk, manage fluctuations and pinpoint cost-savings opportunities.

Want to know how you can use SONAR freight data to optimize rates and maximize margins?

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