Win More Freight with Accurate Truckload Rate Data

Integrate market data into your pricing engines to bid more intelligently.

Challenges Facing Brokers

  • Uncertainty in the bidding process
  • Inability to analyze trucking capacity and price accordingly
  • Lack of advanced technology to manage day-to-day workflows
  • Inadequate intelligence to respond to customer needs

What's the SONAR ROI?

Use our calculator to find out.

By increasing the number of loaded miles per day your drivers drive by 1% and your rate per mile by $0.03 you will make more per week #WithSONAR.

#WithSONAR you can save up to per week through better bid negotiations and more effective management of your routing guide.

#WithSonar you can add 1 more load per person each day and increase $5 margin per load, earning your company an extra per week.

Disclaimer: Every company’s circumstances are unique. Fixed and variable expenses, market conditions and operational factors vary. Unforeseen events may also affect results. Calculated potential results reflect the consensus expectation of FreightWaves’ experts. Actual results may vary.

SONAR Data Intelligence for Brokers

Navigate freight volatility with the most accurate spot and benchmarked contract rates in the market. SONAR’s array of analytics and comprehensive freight market data helps brokers maximize freight margins, benchmark the freight market, and forecast contract and spot rates. Utilize SONAR’s high-frequency data to understand freight market conditions, trends, and take decisive action ahead of your competitors.

Maximize Margins with Actionable Market Insights

Brokers and 3PLs utilize SONAR data intelligence for a strategic advantage over companies that rely on freight invoice, loadboard, and internal data.

  • Leverage tender data with a point of sale spot rate data to recognize market shifts immediately
  • Capitalize on opportunities ahead of the competition
  • Scale business faster

See Daily Truckload Rate, Volume, Capacity Metrics for Freight Markets Across the Nation

SONAR data helps brokers and 3PLs bid confidently, win more freight, widen margins, and set buy rates accurately.

  • Measure truckload volume volatility at a lane and market level
  • Get ahead of rate movements with spot rate and tender rejection data
  • Use contract – spot spreads to bid confidently on contract freight RFPs

Supply Chain Data and Visualizations

Uncover the most accurate information on volatility, rates and capacity.

Outbound Tender Volume Index

  • Analyze truckload volume by market and lane
  • See volume trends by equipment type and length of haul
  • Chart the relationships between volume, tender rejection, and rate

Outbound Tender Rejection Rate

  • Measure truckload capacity at a lane and market level
  • Understand the pressures affecting your buy rates
  • Use objective capacity data in conversations with customers

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