Why SONAR for Freight Market Intelligence?

SONAR delivers trusted data and analysis across the global freight market—fast. SONAR provides users with exclusive, reliable insights and actionable intelligence, as well as the ability to benchmark, analyze, monitor and forecast the global supply chain.

Stay ahead of ever-changing global freight market disruptions

As the best-in-class freight and supply chain business intelligence platform, FreightWaves SONAR is known for exhaustive and exclusive high-frequency data and turning it into actionable insights with speed and accuracy. Users have the ability to benchmark, analyze, strategize, monitor and forecast the global supply chain across all transportation modes.

SONAR’s industry-leading enablement resources, training, and global freight expert community offer exceptional support for everything from unique configurations to transportation strategy consultation. SONAR customers gain efficiency, visibility, and confidence in transportation management with the data and intelligence needed to stay ahead of freight market trends and competitors.

Learn what freight market intelligence can do for brokers, shippers and carriers with an eye on supply chain optimization.

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Customers love having the ability to identify opportunities for supply chain optimization and to improve logistics costs  and overall network efficiency. With comprehensive visibility into freight market intelligence, shippers can digitally transform their supply chain operations for peak flexibility, cost control and competitive advantage. Hear from a few of them now.

Video Testimonial Featuring Shaker Logistics

Video Testimonial Featuring MW Logistics

SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)

A groundbreaking data and analytics platform that advances transportation planning, procurement, and finance teams to balance the optimization of rates and tender reliability to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their company’s supply chains.

FreightWaves SONAR Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (TRAC)

FreightWaves TRAC calculates spot rate data by collecting data from trusted contributors to provide daily load data by the booked date based on near real-time rate information for hundreds of thousands of unique loads.

SONAR Container Atlas

Contain Atlas is multidimensional, high-frequency ocean market data collected at the point of booking that is unavailable anywhere else. Make more informed, forward planning, and profitable decisions when working with ocean carriers using near real-time, granular carrier capacity and service metrics.


Leverage the flexible plug-in power of configurable supply chain data from SONAR via API. No toggling between screens to harness the power of data from over $100B in freight spend, refreshed daily.

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