Packer Freight Case Study

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Packer Freight opened its doors in 2019 and has differentiated itself in the market by focusing on customer relationships. Having seen significant growth over the past few years, the company understood the need to lean on technology and data in order to make strategic decisions and scale the business.

When the freight market heated up and team members found themselves strapped for time, the need for greater efficiency led the leadership team to turn to FreightWaves SONAR. In addition to helping helping them prepare for the next shift in the market, FreightWaves SONAR has also given the team a “why” for the decisions they make. Read the full case study to learn how the data has equipped the team for growth and improved its operations.

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What's the SONAR ROI?

By increasing the number of loaded miles per day your drivers drive by 1% and your rate per mile by $0.03 you will make more per week #WithSONAR.

#WithSONAR you can save up to per week through better bid negotiations and more effective management of your routing guide.

#WithSonar you can add 1 more load per person each day and increase $5 margin per load, earning your company an extra per week.

Disclaimer: Every company’s circumstances are unique. Fixed and variable expenses, market conditions and operational factors vary. Unforeseen events may also affect results. Calculated potential results reflect the consensus expectation of FreightWaves’ experts. Actual results may vary.

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