Tailor your process, customize your program.

SONAR API — the most customizable data analytics plugin—delivers the power and flexibility modern supply chain businesses need, with more control, and less risk.

Sonar API

Worry less with SONAR data right at your fingertips within the existing supply chain management system you use most. Leverage the flexible plug-in power of configurable supply chain data from SONAR via API. No toggling between screens to harness the power of data from over $100B in freight spend, refreshed daily.

  • Gain hours in efficiency with data on demand
  • Improve your margins with better market data
  • Find increased confidence in your strategy and planning for what’s next

Secure APIs to drive optimization

Level-up your team with more efficient, faster, and scalable data at your fingertips

A configurable solution to meet the needs of your business and align with your strategic growth opportunities

Eliminate the inconsistency and risks associated with stale and incomplete data

Reliable solutions for enterprise businesses

Through the SONAR APIs, our clients become more nimble, reduce costs, and plan more confidently. We partner with clients to deliver customized, long-term solutions because we recognize that no two businesses are the same. Take your workflows to the next level with a unique API connection within the systems that you use every day.

Interested in integrating with SONAR?

Brokers, shippers, and carriers can get FreightWaves SONAR high-frequency data and insights into the Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and freight tech applications they use every day.