A fully customizable set of freight dashboards.

SONAR is the first-of-its-kind, lightning-fast freight market data and analytics platform⁠—designed to give users the most comprehensive view of the freight markets available in the industry today. Now, freight market participants can react faster than ever before. SONAR comes with predesigned dashboards that display the most popular features and datasets, but the user can also design their own journey. There is no limit to the number of customized dashboards or widgets that are able to be displayed on screen, users can create a truly personalized experience. 

Examples include:

  • A truckload carrier that creates a trucking dashboard monitors: spot rates, trucking contract rates, tender reject rates, DOE national average, and freight market activity. 
  • A freight broker that creates a freight brokerage dashboard provides: a spot rate forecast, contract trucking rates, and the Cass index. 
  • A global shipper that creates a supply chain dashboard tracks: global freight activity, freight market trends, and freight rate benchmarking. 

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Predictive Freight Rates

SONAR trucking rates provide unparalleled visibility into freight market conditions, trends in rates, volumes, demand and capacity and empower you to take action across all modes of transport.

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Lane Signal

A lane-by-lane freight rate forecasting app showing past, present and future rates, pricing power scores and a visual comparison of markets that impact your business.

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Lane Scorecard

An easily downloadable scorecard using SONAR’s proprietary data to help users make better-informed decisions. This offers users the ability to upload 200 lanes at a time to help save precious time and money.

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Ocean Shipments Report

Knowing what is moving on the ocean can help you gain insights into what will be moving over the road in the coming weeks. Use this feature to help you navigate through the ever-changing freight market.

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Mission Control

Your own TV network, featuring everything freight. Mission Control delivers premium content covering all modes of transportation.

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Broker Benchmarking

Measure the success and performance of your company against your cohorts in the industry. This gives you the unique opportunity to create custom KPI's using proprietary market insights and data from your competitors.

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3D Maps

A good mapping system is an essential tool in every transportation and logistics data analysis product. SONAR takes mapping to a new dimension – literally!

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Based on our growing catalog of watchlist features, compare conditions across the industries, markets and modes of transport that matter most to you.

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SONAR Signals Open API

Free to use through third party developers, SONAR Signals Open API is the easiest way to simplifying your daily decision making.

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Charts are the most powerful feature you can leverage in SONAR. They’re not only the easiest way to see how freight data tracks over time – they provide a comprehensive set of tools for in-depth analytics, trending and detailed reporting.

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Most Volatile Markets

When it comes to freight, volatility is a fact of life. It’s also a huge cause of roadblocks and opportunities for freight market participants. SONAR’s Most Volatile Markets provide the visibility you need to avoid the roadblocks and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

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Critical Events

SONAR's Critical Events widget is your trusted intelligence center during severe weather, natural disasters, fires or controlled power outages, allowing you to react smarter to events across the globe. 

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Freight Market Alerts

Things happen quickly in the freight market, which is why we've created customizable alerts to keep you in the loop on the data that matters most – wherever you are. 

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Video Library

SONAR’s Video Library keeps you informed and entertained with the latest freight market news and context with a variety of daily shows, analysis, entertainment, SONAR instructional use cases and updates.

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Freight News

SONAR keeps you up to-date with freight news and context from a wide variety of qualified sources. Enjoy up-to-the-minute news that matters to you and your business without all the chatter.

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Freight Market Research

Proprietary transportation market research is a cornerstone of SONAR. FreightWaves' Research Team produces exclusive deep dives, whitepapers and daily playbooks, all backed by SONAR data.

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