A full suite of freight analytics & forecasting products to keep you ahead of the competition.

Industry Leading Freight Data and Analytics

SONAR’s best-in-class data and analytics help you understand market shifts today so you can achieve more tomorrow.

  • Utilize FreightWaves TRAC to secure more loads with spot rates that reflect current market conditions
  • Benchmark with reliable paid contract rates from freight shipper invoices in SONAR SCI
  • Navigate ocean markets with SONAR Container Atlas
  • Explore Tender Volume and Rejection data to target the right markets
  • Keep freight moving with SONAR’s intermodal and rail data

Market Monitoring

The comprehensive data and analytics in the SONAR freight platform help you forecast and track freight capacity and keep freight spending under control.

Outbound Tender Rejection Index

The OTRI dashboards allow supply chain teams to visualize freight movement patterns, volatility, and price movement. The Outbound Tender Rejection Index shows supply and demand dynamics at a national, regional, state, or market level. This index helps you make decisions on accepting or rejecting loads based on tender rejections.

Outbound Tender Volume Index

The Outbound Tender Volume Index (OTVI) is the most up-to-date and reliable indicator of market demand. Use this index to see which markets are shipping the most freight, along with the trends and changes in freight volumes. OTVI shows you where freight is available in a market. Use OTVI in conjunction with the Outbound Tender Rejection Index (OTRI) to optimize your freight rates.

SONAR Container Atlas

The only high-frequency ocean container data platform which provides point-of-booking market intelligence. SONAR Container Atlas is the only platform to concentrate on bookings, sailing schedules, vessel locations, and container rate data from multiple providers. Monitor freight activity, rates, and volumes up to a month in advance of every other dataset in the container market.

Rate Optimization

SONAR high frequency supply chain intelligence guides companies to make stronger proactive decisions toward cost and carrier performance.

Diesel Fuel Price Rates

Find out the average market rate and average fuel cost on your most important lanes. Fuel rates let you optimize carrier costs and spot cost-savings opportunities on key routes. Get insight into diesel fuel prices across major transportation lanes by evaluating the average fuel cost rate per mile in SONAR.

FreightWaves TRAC Spot Rates

FreightWaves TRAC collects data daily from a consortium of key market-driving companies adhering to a standardized protocol. TRAC Spot Rate methodology uses data when the load is covered, delivering data that exceeds market standard. Access unmatched rates with FreightWaves TRAC, the freshest freight pricing data in the market.


SONAR SCI is a groundbreaking data and analytics platform with all of SONAR’s features and data – and more. SCI subscribers have access to existing SONAR data, including $100 billion of freight invoices submitted daily. Invoices include what shippers actually pay carriers– not self-reported data. SCI subscribers get access to the only tool set to gauge the trade off between tender acceptance and rate to improve their supply chain performance.

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