Optimize your transportation network with superior insights

SONAR SCI empowers users with actionable insights backed by high frequency data to reduce costs, improve route guide compliance and make proactive supply chain decisions.

SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)

SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) is a groundbreaking data and analytics platform that empowers transportation planning, procurement, and finance teams to balance the optimization of rates and tender reliability to increase the efficiency and utilization of their company’s supply chains.

SONAR SCI delivers high-frequency supply chain market intelligence and empowers teams to:

  • Increase efficiency of performance analysis
  • Assemble bids with confidence
  • Hold 3PLs accountable with spot rate benchmarking
  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Forecast transportation spend with ease
  • Minimize risks and costs

The Most Strategic Insight into Your Supply Chain

Logistics leaders across all industries rely on SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) to visualize freight movement patterns, navigate volatility, and manage price movement.

Integrate Data From Core Data Systems

SONAR SCI integrates users’ transportation management systems (TMS) with SONAR SCI via a pre-formatted CSV file or via API. Join your existing TMS data with SONAR SCI to make more confident transportation decisions.

Uncover Hidden Insights

SONAR SCI helps transportation professionals benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast freight spending, while offering enhanced visibility across multiple, user-defined lanes.

Gain Advanced Control From a Single Platform

SONAR SCI identifies the stability of lanes, rate trend patterns, bid optimization opportunities, and more in one single view.

Outperform the Competition with High-Frequency Freight Data

Capitalize on opportunities ahead of your competition. SONAR SCI users get access to the only high frequency market data to gauge the trade-off between tender acceptance and rate to improve supply chain performance.

  • Leverage tender data and point of sale spot rate data to recognize shifts in the market immediately
  • Streamline RFP processes with advanced freight forecasting tools
  • Improve carrier sales and solidify market expertise among customers
image of a SONAR SCI list

Measure Market Dynamics with Ease

Opportunity View

  • Outlines total freight spend risks and opportunities
  • Highlights lanes with favorable capacity conditions
  • Pinpoints lanes contracted higher than the market average

List View

  • Score, measure and benchmark existing RFPs and spot rates
  • Scores a lane by pricing, competition, and mode
  • Dissect lanes by mode to reveal how an organization compares to peers in the overall market

Summary View

  • Includes a control-tower-level dashboard of all uploaded lanes
  • Provides a tree map breakdown and representation of the entire lane spend distribution across an uploaded network.

A New Realm of Performance and Operations Management

FreightWaves Supply Chain Intelligence is the tool your business needs to create the optimal logistics framework. SONAR customers that leverage SCI reduce transportation costs by 4-10% and increase compliance with confidence through the industry’s most advanced benchmarking tool.

image of a SONAR SCI list

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