Freight Market Data Sources

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The Waterfall Theory of Freight

The waterfall theory of freight explains the factors behind how rates can fall out of contract and into the spot market. Learn how access to the best supply chain data...

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? Assessing FreightWaves SONAR vs. the Competition

How Index-Linked Contracts Solve the RFP Dilemma

The ROI of FreightWaves SONAR

How Shippers Use SONAR Emissions Data

Leveraging SONAR emissions data helps shippers realize significant benefits through their networks and RFP processes. Learn more now.

Freight Shipping Data: Comparing the Gold Standard of Real-Time Data vs. Lagging, Stale Data

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What Is a Freight Routing Guide?

Request a SONAR SCI Lane Acuity demo today to learn more about how your team can evolve the freight routing guide to find failures before they occur and prevent them...
intermodal shipping and esg

What You Need To Know About Intermodal Freight vs Truckload


A Primer on SONAR SCI Lane Acuity

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5 Tools Carriers Need for Success in the Freight Market

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SONAR: Predictive Freight Rate Accuracy

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Four Factors That Impact Freight Revenue and Profitability

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5 Freight Rate Volatility Contributors to Consider

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Top Reasons of Enterprise Shipper Tender Rejection

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How to Use Market Volatility

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The Must-Have Tech Stack for Shippers

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The 10 Trucking Trends in 2021

A Guide to Carrier Benchmarking KPIs

The 6 Hallmarks of A Shipper of Choice

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