How supply chain leaders can be the CFO’s hero

Cut costs, then help finance set new budgets Freight rates in all modes have come down hard since last year, and if you’re a transportation manager or supply chain leader, you probably feel confident about hitting your budget this year. You might be tempted to take the downcycle off, put strategic initiatives on the backburner […]

Predicting the next turn in the freight cycle

Freight markets feel stuck in unseasonable doldrums with volumes low, capacity loose and rates in a trough after supply chain activity cooled post-COVID. But as we know, the relationship of supply and demand is not static, but dynamic and ever-shifting. A pendulum moves slowest and briefly pauses just before it starts falling in the other […]

How long does it take the freight market to flip?

Not long at all. During the last freight cycle, there was a 56-day period when truckload spot rates increased by 25.6% and a 59-day period when rates fell by 15.1%. Right now, transportation rates are unseasonably low and capacity is plentiful across most modes of traffic, from North America truckload to trans-Pacific ocean container shipping. […]

Using freight market signals to stay ahead of any freight market storms

freight market signals SONAR

Once weather like the snowstorm in Colorado or the one seared into Texans’ Valentine’s Day memory hits, it’s easy to predict what is going to happen next—the freight market in the area halted to a stand-still and strangled capacity, as also reported by The Dallas Morning News. Weather like this makes it easy to predict […]

Winter Weather Causes Problems/Freight Rates Rise (w/ video)


Heavy snow and icy conditions across large parts of the United States over the past two weeks have caused problems in many freight markets. And while the nasty winter weather has slowed and even stopped some trucks, freight rates have continued to rise. Back-to-back winter storms are stalling supply chains. The second winter storm of […]

Riding the Roller Coaster of Freight (w/ video)


On this episode of #WithSONAR, co-hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor discuss rapidly changing market conditions. Since the beginning of the year, market volatility has pushed freight rates down in key markets and lanes, while pushing other lanes up.  However, markets are never static, so savvy operators will use market volatility to separate themselves from competitors. […]

How to use freight data to beat your competition (video)


On this episode of #WithSONAR, hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor are joined by Tom Curee, Senior Vice President of Kingsgate Logistics. Kingsgate is a subscriber to SONAR and uses it daily. Kingsgate Logistics offers a full scope of logistics services facilitated by leading-edge technology, and provides truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), expedited, intermodal and international shipping. Watch […]

Why The Freight Bull Market May Continue (video)


On this episode of #WithSONAR, co-hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor discuss why the freight bull market may hold the current elevated levels through the end of the year.  Luke and Kyle also look at how SONAR freight volumes reflect consumers’ new buying patterns and where those patterns are likely to head. Watch the episode […]

4 Top Challenges for Shippers in Capturing Freight Market Rate Deviations

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Understanding true freight market rates remains deceptive for shippers. Carriers realize that regardless of what contracts exist, it all comes down to carriers and drivers. Drivers in certain parts of the market, particularly driving on high-profit lanes, will choose freight based on their preferences. It’s evident by looking at the current rate of tender rejections […]

What is driving the current freight market? – Freight Forecasting (video)

Freight Forecasting with Michael Vincent

Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent is joined by Anthony Smith, FreightWaves’ Lead Economist, and John Kingston, FreightWaves Editor at Large to discuss what is driving the freight market. Primarily because of the pandemic (but there are other contributing factors), the 2020 freight market to-date has been very different from any other year since the trucking […]

Let SONAR help you level the playing field!

 (Photo: East Bay Times) As you probably remember, “Moneyball” tells the story of Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s. After losing the 2001 World Series and also losing key players to better-financed teams, Beane came to the realization that he had to do something different to win. Oakland was and is one […]

Fragmenting freight markets and the domino effect (Video)

Freight Forecasting with Michael Vincent

Kyle Lintner, Principal and Managing Partner at K Ratio and Zach Strickland, FreightWaves’ Director of Freight Market Intelligence, join host Michael Vincent on this episode of Freight Forecasting.  As a full-service risk management firm, K-Ratio provides solutions for shipper customers, carriers and 3PLs by implementing aligned strategies to reduce the price volatility associated with the […]