The C-suite to the brokerage “boiler room” floor! – Freight Forecasting

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Freight Forecasting with Michael Vincent

In this episode of Freight Forecasting, host Michael Vincent and FreightWaves’Lead Economist Anthony Smith explore the most important freight data points and macro data sets to navigate the freight markets – whether you work on a brokerage floor or in the C-suite!

Michael and Anthony look at the five “must have” SONAR dashboards. While SONAR has billions of freight data points and can provide information from the local to the global level, there are key data sets that almost every SONAR user will rely on. They cover the data sets and SONAR features that give every user the insight to take immediate tactical action, as well as to conduct short-term, mid-term and long-term strategic planning.

Know more, faster – and find just what you need with SONAR!

Watch the episode below: