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As you probably remember, “Moneyball” tells the story of Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s. After losing the 2001 World Series and also losing key players to better-financed teams, Beane came to the realization that he had to do something different to win. Oakland was and is one of the “small-market/small budget” teams; Beane had to reinvent his team by outsmarting the richer teams. 

Beane joined forces with recent Yale graduate Peter Brand, and together they challenged long-time baseball traditions. Brand crunched numbers and developed a strict cost-benefit analysis of baseball players. He persuaded Beane that he should hire undervalued players based on key performance statistics. Beane recruited these bargain-priced players whom scouts labeled as flawed, but who had game-winning potential. Together, Beane and Brand assembled a team that during the course of an agonizing season, proved itself the biggest bargain in baseball.

The A’s once again become a winning club, and other baseball teams begin to emulate Beane’s revolutionary Moneyball approach.

MoneyBall Movie
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FreightWaves SONAR is the freight market’s equivalent of Moneyball. It has revolutionized the freight market by providing near real-time data instead of information that is days or even weeks old. SONAR levels the playing field – providing freight data formerly only available to the largest companies with years of history in their own data banks. SONAR allows small and mid-size companies to compete with the biggest in the field. 

SONAR provides the fastest freight market data in the world, across all major modes of traffic. The SONAR platform is the only freight forecasting and analytics platform that offers real-time freight market intelligence driven off actual freight contract tenders. 

SONAR has proprietary data that comes from actual load tenders, electronic logging devices and transportation management systems, along with dozens of third-party global freight and logistics-related index providers like TCA Benchmarking, Freightos, ACT, Drewry and DTN.

Whether you’re working from the office or from home, SONAR can provide you the data and freight intelligence you need to stay ahead of your competitors. 

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