Apparel companies shifting to air freight to offset congestion at ports

Shippers are facing supply chain challenges from all sides – sourcing, manufacturing, global shipping and domestic transportation networks. Domestic transportation networks receive a  great deal of attention, but shippers are having to make expensive decisions before products even arrive on U.S. shores.  As peak retail season approaches, shippers in the retail space are focused on […]

Why destination matters for freight rates

While origin matters for transportation rate forecasting, the destination is often times more important. The transportation rates for a backhaul destination are naturally higher than transportation rates for a headhaul market. This holds for all freight moved by truck, rail/intermodal, ocean or air.

How is freight priced? A dive into freight rates by mode of transit

Barge around the Tennessee River Gorge

Understanding freight cost per unit across different transportation modes is a key to determining what mode is the most cost-effective and timely to ship goods from point A to point B. With this information, a freight forecaster can then develop competitive requests for quotes (RFQ) and requests for pricing (RFP).  Full-truckload is priced on a […]