The focus of this episode of #WithSONAR is how using freight market intelligence is different from knowledge of what is happening in the industry. Additionally, co-hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor look at how market intelligence is the tell-all for how freight rates change in the trucking market. SONAR indices such as Haul, OTVI and OTRI provide market intelligence to help subscribers know where the next change in rates will be.

Watch the episode below:

Falasca and Taylor go back to the basics; they help SONAR subscribers look at different markets and to use SONAR to maximize profits, whether a carrier or a broker. For shippers, they show where to minimize, mitigate and reduce costs based on the fluctuating market conditions. 

SONAR sales rep Richie Daigle joins Falasca and Taylor to help explain some of the SONAR indices to viewers. Daigle made the point that both knowledge and intelligence serve a purpose, but they are fundamentally different.  

An example of knowledge in SONAR is the most recent rate on a lane. Freight market intelligence would be knowing what the best rate is on that lane. 

With Daigle, the hosts discuss how data and analysis from SONAR can help subscribers make more informed decisions, which are usually more profitable decisions.

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