The SONAR Lane Score is now available in Descartes Macropoint Capacity. The partnership brings nearly 100% visibility to U.S. freight markets by lane. Direct access to SONAR Lane Score within MacroPoint Capacity helps brokers maximize efficiency by bringing in useful data into one platform.

This Descartes-FreightWaves partnership combines two leading technology solutions to address the challenges associated with historical lane modeling. Descartes Systems Group is the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, and FreightWaves is the industry-leading provider of data, analytics and news for global supply chains and logistics.

How the SONAR Lane Score benefits Descartes’ MacroPoint users

The SONAR Lane Score allows logistics professionals to view market conditions on each lane via a dynamic score (1-100) that represents how easy or difficult a lane will be to cover. This insight allows decision makers to prioritize lanes where capacity is tight to proactively adapt to market movements and minimize risk.

When combined with MacroPoint Capacity, SONAR Lane Score delivers a simple score to a network of more than 215,000 onboarded carriers covering hundreds of thousands of lanes, providing immediate insight into current market conditions. The combination enhances day-to-day decision-making by giving logistics professionals an easy way to identify the lanes that represent the highest risk, while simultaneously identifying lanes with the highest potential for additional margin.

Descartes’ MacroPoint Capacity allows a broker to see assets throughout the U.S. For example, a broker may have a load that needs covering and can see five assets in the geographic area of the load. On the platform, the brokerage can differentiate between carriers it has done business with, those it hasn’t and which carriers are the best fit based on a set of historical parameters.

The combination of MacroPoint Capacity and SONAR Lane Score lets brokers shore up efficiency by bringing data into a single platform.

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