Freight benchmarking, a core feature of SONAR, allows users to compare their monthly performance to the market—data on everything from gross margin to empty miles and revenue per tractor per week from hundreds of carriers and 3PLs. This data is anonymized, meaning no corporate or identifying information is ever revealed.

SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) is a separate tool used by shippers to benchmark their truckload spend and tender acceptance against the market on a lane level. SCI automatically identifies cost savings and carrier underperformance opportunities to help shippers get the service they’re paying for.

SONAR users can visualize dozens of key data points as charts or put it all in a Watchlist and compare themselves to the market leaders. Cohort-specific comparisons are made easier with different qualifiers and categories that can be selected by the user.

With SONAR’s Benchmarking, users can always keep track of their performance against peers at a granular level.


Improve margins while developing best-in-class services for customers. Evaluate key performance metrics against peers and the market.



Want to be the most profitable carrier and drive down operating ratio? Track how other carriers are performing and benchmark your operating and financial performance.



Drive down freight costs. Develop an efficient and dependable world-class supply chain by better understanding how your performance compares to regional, national or global freight markets.



Navigate market instability with the most reliable and transparent high-frequency market data to proactively manage market fluctuations and stay ahead of ever-changing markets.

Where is SONAR's data sourced from?

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