Compare how your business performs against the freight market or your competitive cohorts. Manage freight rates, optimize freight market capacity, and benchmark freight bid performance.  Benchmark your business against historic freight market trends. 




With best-in-class analytical tools, you'll stay ahead of the ever-changing market. Develop insights into contract and spot rates.  Analyze the freight economy and freight market trends, using the deepest set of historical freight data to ever be assembled on a single analytics platform. 




Monitor events and freight market trends that can disrupt your supply chain like freight rate volatility, weather, economic shocks and breaking news. Stay on top of the latest freight market data and trucking rates, while you track tender rejection rates in real-time.  Use freight indices to develop current freight market insights and analyze against historical freight market activity.  Visualize how freight movement is impacting the global supply chain and freight economy. 




Use predictive freight rates to maximize margins. Know where trucking rates, fuel, equipment values, and market activity are today and more importantly where they are headed next. Create freight rate forecasts based on real-time tender rejection rates. Develop forecast models for trucking spot rates, freight movement, and market trends driven off freight market historical data and current market activity. 


The industry's most comprehensive freight data platform with unparalleled insights and forecasts.

SONAR tracks daily activities in the domestic and global environments, with freight market data generated from thousands of exclusive sources with more than $200 billion of contract freight transactions. SONAR offers historical and current freight rate, demand and capacity index data across all modes. The industry's first and fastest platform uses current tender rejection rates to create the most current freight activity and logistics rate indices in the market.

The only freight forecasting platform that combines contract tender data with spot rate data, SONAR creates predictive freight rates. Plus, SONAR uses artificial intelligence to develop consistently updated forecasts to give you the most reliable predictions of where trucking spot rates, supply chain demand and logistics capacity are headed over the next 12 months. 

Rather than relying on one set of data, SONAR is the only freight market analytics platform that combines historical freight market data with real-time market activity to offer logistics rate forecasts, spot rate forecasts, forecasted freight rates, and visibility into the freight marketplace – at local, state, national and global levels. The SONAR freight forecasting model is the only one in the market that uses tenders from the contract marketplace to track real-time freight market capacity and demand. 

SONAR is changing the way the world understands the freight market. 

By structuring the world's trucking, rail, maritime, air and warehousing data, SONAR  makes complex analysis simple and accessible.

SONAR tracks daily activities in the domestic and global market, with freight data generated from thousands of exclusive sources with transactions valued at more than $200 billion. This freight forecasting platform offers historical, current and future freight rate, volume and capacity index data across all modes. Plus, to help users focus attention on the most important decisions, SONAR breaks down freight data based on geography, mode or freight market share.

Transportation rate analysis has never been more accurate, complete or simple. 

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Freight Predictive Rates
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Make decisions based on the largest and most current set of freight indices anywhere.

Monitor elements that impact the freight market trucking spot and contract freight rates, risk-management, equipment values and the global freight marketplace. Make better pricing decisions based on past data, current trends and future forecasts, ultimately strengthening your bottom line. SONAR generates over 150,000 freight indices daily, giving you the edge in freight market capacity and freight demand forecasts. 

SONAR is the leading freight rate forecast platform offering lane-based spot rate predictions, along with a mode-agnostic logistics rate forecast, freight benchmarking, and a freight rate predictor.

Freight rate index data comes from companies that participate in SONAR's freight benchmarking platform and also the world's most respected freight rate index providers in trucking, intermodal, rail, air and ocean including, Drewery, USDA, DTN, Freightos, Baltic Exchange and Cass. 

Moreover, freight rate data is just a small part of what SONAR is all about. It is the only platform in the market that offers contract load tender data, including tender rejections, volume, lead time, length of haul and freight market share. 

SONAR users can explore important freight market trends coming from TCA benchmarking, wholesale and retail diesel fuel, warehouse rates and capacity, new and used commercial equipment orders and values, economic activity, agricultural volume, and freight rail traffic indices.   

Develop freight market insights and monitor events that could impact the global freight marketplace or your own supply chain.

Get the news you need from SONAR’s weather, critical events and breaking news features. Combine what's happenings in nature and technology to paint a more holistic picture of when, how and where freight is moving. Use custom dashboards that can be shared within your organization for more successful short- and long-term strategies.

Freight market indices can be visualized through SONAR's incredibly beautiful and intuitive dashboard or accessed through an API. Create a set of alerts that notify you when something important to you changes in the freight market. 

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Transportation Critical Events
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Global trade and domestic freight market data on one unified platform.

SONAR is the only global trade data platform that can tie U.S. ocean freight import data to domestic truckload and rail intermodal moves. This dock-to-door treatment of customs trade, maritime, air, rail intermodal, and trucking data offers an unprecedented level of visibility into the global freight market. 

SONAR's Maritime and Trade data offers global import/export data on millions of shippers at the bill of lading level. Users can monitor volumes, freight rates and activity at ports across the U.S., along with how those goods move through the U.S. economy. 


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The results are undeniable.

#WithSONAR our team has increased our volume 50-100% for our transactional business and has augmented our freight density on contracted business.

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Quite frankly, anyone conducting business independent of SONAR’s data sets might as well be throwing darts. #WithSONAR

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#WithSONAR we were able to react quickly and get spot rates in place that yielded better margins for our company.

Jason Roberts

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