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FreightWaves SONAR Freight Forecasting Platform

Comprehensive freight data. Unparalleled insights.

Predictive Freight Rates

Stay on top of demand and capacity across all modes of transportation in real-time with SONAR’s proprietary data sources. A freight forecasting platform, SONAR gives you access from aggregated freight data for monitoring domestic and global market activity. FreightWaves’ current and historical data is generated from thousands of exclusive sources representing more than $200 billion of contract freight transactions. Additionally, SONAR offers the freshest freight spot rate data, collected at the point of booking, to provide the clearest insight into the freight pricing.

SONAR combines trucking, rail, maritime, air, and warehousing data with tender rejection rates to monitor current freight activity. Reliably forecast demand and capacity within the supply chain by using spot rate and tender data for predictive rates. Make day-of decisions with access to aggregated freight capacity and pricing data using SONAR.

Dive Into the Data

The results are undeniable.

I am new to the transportation industry and needed to learn as quickly as possible. This tool has given me so much information, that within a short amount of time, I have been looked upon as an expert in my new position! Thank you for this most helpful tool and the training provided to be able to get up to speed so quickly!

Ron Derrera

Senior Manager, Supply Chain Operations

XPO Logistics

SONAR has made our team quicker, smarter and more competitive. The platforms’ best-in-class data and analytics have materially improved our ability to assess market and business-level risk, make better decisions and therefore raise the level of service we’re able to offer our clients.

Sean Egan

Vice President, Transportation & Logistics

Citizens Financial Group

SONAR continues to provide an incredible amount of information that we can communicate to our customers. This helps us navigate through incredibly challenging markets across all modes. SONAR is great in that our conversations with customers and suppliers shift from being “anecdotal” to supported by actual data.

Chris Peckham

Vice President, Operations

Freight Plus
Daily Market Dashboard

From the floor to the C-suite.

SONAR is changing the way the world understands the freight market. From upper management to the floor, SONAR provides tactical information so that you can dominate in freight. Real-time decision-making is made easy using fresh spot rate data to populate top tender indices, lane-based spot rate predictions, and apps that display complex freight data on at-a-glance dashboards. Whether you are a shipper, broker, carrier or friend of the industry, utilize SONAR to track trends across all modes of transportation as you create custom dashboards that validate your decisions.

Daily Market Dashboard
SONAR Freight Forecasting

Know more, faster.

Know which markets to watch and which markets to avoid by using SONAR. The Market Dashboard brings data to life to paint a holistic picture of when, how and where freight is moving. For deeper analysis, it is easy to build and share custom dashboards for more successful strategies using charts, 3D maps and watchlists. Visualize freight market data with intuitive apps like FreightWaves TRAC, Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI), Lane Signal, Ocean Shipments Report or Predictive Rates. For those looking for deeper integration, access SONAR intel through an API or connect with a Market Expert.

Discover the Dashboard

Bridge the gap between data and decisions.

SONAR makes creating dashboards quick and easy. Customize your pages with charts, 2D and 3D maps, news and watchlists or utilize one of our industry-leading apps.

See the big picture.
Use 2D and 3D maps to view the freight market from lanes to regions and coast to coast.
Watch what matters.
Use Watchlists to keep track of your key market areas and stay ahead of the curve.
Track market trends.
Use the Market Dashboard and Charts to see historical trends and forecast the future by comparing datasets.
Predict future rates.
Use Lane Signal’s scientific algorithm to see current rates and rates up to a year out.
RFPs made easy.
Use Lane Scorecard to analyze up to 200 lanes at once to make better decisions.
Evaluate your spending.
Use SONAR SCI to make market comparisons and manage transportation spend efficiently.
Integrate the data.
Use SONAR API to incorporate our data and insights into your daily workflow.
Global trade visibility.
Use the Ocean Shipments Report to know what is moving from the ocean to the interstate.
Maximize your margins.
Use FreightWaves TRAC to improve data models using fresh freight spot rate data for analysis and forecasts that is more reflective of market conditions.
SONAR Freight Forecasting Platform

Freight data you can’t get anywhere else.

The freight market is unpredictable get the freight forecasting platform with the fastest, real-time data to make better decisions.

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