Licensed Freight Indices

Looking for all of the major freight indices in a single dashboard?

Want to compare how different freight indices, cutting across all modes of traffic, correlate with one another? 

SONAR brings the world's freight market indices together and makes it easy to compare, analyze and track all of the major indices in a single spot. With advanced technical charting, watchlist and mapping tools, you can see how the indices have been tracking throughout their history. 

SONAR’s data allows visibility into the entire freight market, both up and down the supply chain, and provides predictive insight and validation for anyone involved in supply chain or transportation management.

SONAR users see how cargo is moving globally with indices from Drewery, DHL, DAT,, Cass, LMI, the American Association of Railroads (AAR), Commtrex, Freightos Baltic Exchange, Baltic Exchange, USDA Agricultural Transportation produce spot rates, Intek intermodal spot rates, U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, and Nodal Exchange. 

  • Drewery provides global freight data, including air cargo and ocean container spot rates 
  • Freightos Baltic Index provide maritime shipping spot rates; updated daily and between countries 
  • Cass Indexes provide overall domestic freight volume and expenditures measurements 

SONAR also has several proprietary freight indexes that provide insight into specific aspects of the freight market such as the DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index, which measures how much leverage a shipper or carrier has in  the market on a weekly basis.

Long-haul trucking rates are provided in partnership with DAT for seven of the country’s largest lanes. These rates were developed for the specific purpose of Trucking Freight Futures settlement. Along with their subsequent forward curves, they give insight into where the spot market has been and where it is going. 

USDA spot rates for agricultural shipments provide information on when seasonal produce shipments are moving across the U.S. as well as providing insight into how much capacity is being impacted by these shipments.

Third-party indexes on SONAR include:

DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index – Measures the balance of power between carriers and shippers in the domestic U.S. freight market. Below 50 favors the shippers, above 50 favors the carriers. 

Drewery Indexes – Global freight rate data, including air cargo and ocean container spot rates between countries. 

USDA Agricultural Truckload Produce spot rates – Measures the price of trucking spot rates for transporting produce between markets (a great resource for trucking reefer rates).

American Association of Railroads (AAR) – Measures volume and activity on railroads.

Cass indexes – Measure freight volumes, prices and activity by mode. 

Freightos Baltic indexes – Container spot rates between countries, updated daily. 

Logistics Manager Index – Measures sentiment among logistics professionals. 

DAT long-haul trucking spot rate indexes – Spot rates on major long-haul trucking lanes. 

Nodal Tucking Freight Futures forward curves – Show the current forward rates projected for trucking spot rates.

Commtrex railcar leasing rates – Railcar leasing spot rates.

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