Automotive shippers are facing numerous challenges stemming from a global semiconductor shortage, inflationary pressure on numerous inputs, as well as rising freight costs that seem to be affecting every shipper across all modes. Coupled with the just-in-time nature of the industry, automotive manufacturers are heavily reliant on an efficient global supply chain.

The free white paper, Data in the fast lane – managing automotive logistics amid component shortages, shows how automotive shippers can leverage near real-time data to lower transportation costs, as well as the impacts of the potential CN-KCS merger. The data sets included allow for automotive shippers to:

  • Approach negotiations with carriers with a better understanding of current market conditions
  • Understand dense rail intermodal corridors that would allow for conversion, thus lowering freight costs
  • Leverage peer group contracted freight rates to remain competitive during RFPs

Download the free white paper to understand how FreightWaves’ SONAR and SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence platforms will increase freight market knowledge and allow for lower freight costs across the automotive supply chain.


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