Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent is joined by Anthony Smith, FreightWaves’ Lead Economist, and John Kingston, FreightWaves Editor at Large to discuss what is driving the freight market. Primarily because of the pandemic (but there are other contributing factors), the 2020 freight market to-date has been very different from any other year since the trucking market was deregulated in the 1970s.

Watch the episode below:

Michael, Anthony and John discuss how SONAR uses government data, information from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the Logistics Management Institute (LMI), orders and production data sets within SONAR and proprietary data along with FreightWaves Market Expert opinions and editorial content to interpret market drivers and forecast conditions in the freight market.


As those who work in the freight industry know (regardless of mode, location, etc.) the freight market changes daily (and often throughout the day). SONAR is a data and analysis platform that keeps subscribers up-to-date with near-real-time data and ongoing analysis. In addition SONAR has tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict rates, diesel prices and other factors that impact the freight industry. 


Know more, faster and find just what you need with SONAR!

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