Shippers are at a disadvantage in negotiations with carriers and brokers unless they have adequate data and real-time information surrounding the freight market. Shippers’ main focus isn’t moving freight, it’s manufacturing the goods to be moved. 

Then shippers enter negotiations with carriers and brokers, who live and die by the freight market, putting them on the back foot from the get-go. The lack of information available to shippers leaves them vulnerable when it comes to holding carriers accountable, especially in times of disruption.

Shippers largely care about two key things when it comes to moving freight are we paying fair rates compared to the broader market and is our freight being delivered on time?

The free white paper, Holding carriers accountable means knowing the freight market, can be used in many ways to help shippers manage the information gap and hold carriers accountable for fair prices and adequate service levels. SONAR can assist shippers to answer these key questions that SONAR to help hold carriers accountable:

  • Are carriers overcharging?
  • Are we getting the service we are paying for?
  • Which carriers should be elevated in the routing guide?

Download the free white paper to understand how FreightWaves’ SONAR and SCI platforms allow shippers to understand what is happening in the freight market at a high level. Additionally, shippers are able to explore granular lane-level data, leading to targeted conversations with carriers to ensure service and rates are in line with the market.


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