Truckload volumes and warehousing – Freight Forecasting (video)

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Freight Forecasting with Michael Vincent

Lead Economist Anthony Smith joins Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent on this episode. They discuss the current spike in volumes and warehouse inventories as they relate to imports.

Watch the episode below:

Examples include comparisons of volume in Los Angeles to the rest of the nation, the year-over-year increase in intermodal rail out of Los Angeles and which lanes are generating those intermodal train volume increases.  

Anthony and Michael also talk about how intermodal rail volumes impact truckload volumes, length of haul and rates. In addition, Anthony provides background on the Truck indices that are in the SONAR platform and how a subscriber can use those indices. Finally, Michael and Anthony discuss how  important warehouses are to the transportation mix. The SONAR warehouse capacity index is vital to better understanding demand vs imports and domestic surface transportation, more specifically sustainability of a trend.

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