Taimen Transport moves into the 4PL space with SONAR-powered freight management

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Taimen Transport LLC – A rapidly growing North American Logistics Services Provider –is advancing its ability to become a best in class 4PL and add even more value through its latest software use case: deploying FreightWaves SONAR.

Having previously deployed the single pane of glass potential of Turvo, Taimen Transport is again making waves with its decision to deploy FreightWaves SONAR to increase overall operational efficiency and bring additional value to clients. Before deployment, Taimen relied on existing, public DAT and Cass data for freight rate validation. However, those models prove inefficient for companies experiencing strong growth like Taimen.

“SONAR enables our team to make even better decisions with real-time actionable data.  We are passionate about adding value, and SONAR is a platform that helps Taimen to bring even more value to our partnerships.”

Ryan Pamplin
Director of Innovation & Technology at Taimen

Gaining access to marketwide and granular data affords significant opportunities to Taimen, including:

  • Increased ability to apply real-time data to help set freight rates for clients and manage freight from the cradle to the grave. 
  • Turning their logistics consultants into market experts who know when a rate is truly competitive, able to leverage this data to capitalize on cost savings for clients. 
  • Added insights to reallocate resources within clients’ trucking fleets, partnering carriers and other LSPs.
  • Ability to point to the established brand value of FreightWaves SONAR as the go-to tool for all interactions.
  • Continuously improving workflows to secure more client contracts and avoid losing clients to rapidly changing market conditions.
  • Real-time data access can be applied for ad hoc freight quoting and standardization of rates based on market data.

View the Full Case Study