Why FreightWaves SONAR uses multi-factor authentication

Data Security in Two Steps

The FreightWaves SONAR platform uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of security to the system. SONAR’s multi-factor authentication is a lightweight, fast solution that doesn’t impede user workflow. When a user logs in, SONAR sends a one-time verification code to the email address associated with the account. By requiring two factors, the user’s password and one-time email verification, MFA makes it significantly more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to sensitive data.

Supply chain leaders handle a lot of sensitive and critical data on a daily basis. This includes supplier and customer information, logistics data, and financial details. The rise of SaaS and DaaS platforms has made storing and accessing data easier, but it has also made supply chain leaders more vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. These risks can lead to operational disruption, reputational damage, and financial losses. 

Supply chain leaders can trust that the lane and rate data they’ve stored inside FreightWaves SONAR is protected from unauthorized access. 

Specific benefits of using the FreightWaves SONAR platform with MFA:

  • Enhanced Security: FreightWaves SONAR uses MFA to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data. This reduces the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches, which can lead to reputational damage, operational disruptions, and financial losses.
  • Compliance and Legal Compliance: FreightWaves SONAR platform is designed to meet the security standards required by the supply chain sector. This helps supply chain leaders stay compliant with industry regulations and avoid legal issues and financial penalties.
  • Improved Reputation: By using FreightWaves SONAR platform, supply chain leaders can demonstrate their commitment to protecting their customers’ and suppliers’ data. This can enhance their reputation, increase customer trust, and prevent reputational damage in the event of a data breach.
  • Operational Efficiency: FreightWaves SONAR helps supply chain leaders maintain the integrity of their operations by preventing operational disruptions that can result from cyber attacks and data breaches. This allows businesses to operate more efficiently and avoid financial losses.


The FreightWaves SONAR platform is a secure and reliable solution for supply chain leaders who need to handle sensitive and critical data. SONAR users can trust that their proprietary data is protected by MFA from cyber attacks and data breaches, guarding against reputational damage, operational disruptions, and financial losses. FreightWaves SONAR users operate efficiently in a secure environment, complying with industry regulations and protecting their reputations.

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What's the SONAR ROI?

By increasing the number of loaded miles per day your drivers drive by 1% and your rate per mile by $0.03 you will make more per week #WithSONAR.

#WithSONAR you can save up to per week through better bid negotiations and more effective management of your routing guide.

#WithSonar you can add 1 more load per person each day and increase $5 margin per load, earning your company an extra per week.

Disclaimer: Every company’s circumstances are unique. Fixed and variable expenses, market conditions and operational factors vary. Unforeseen events may also affect results. Calculated potential results reflect the consensus expectation of FreightWaves’ experts. Actual results may vary.

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