ITG, an established non-asset freight broker with a strong focus in the full container drayage market, has reaped significant rewards using FreightWaves SONAR’s data and insights. Prior to implementing use of SONAR, ITG had worked primarily with freight forwarders and applied limited data. However, the biggest allure for ITG in selecting SONAR, the industry’s premier freight forecasting platform, was the ability to apply SONAR analytics to optimize pricing and capacity for their clients to mitigate losses during disruption.


We would read articles out there that may give some insight, but to have the level of detail and the frequency of updated access to SONAR was groundbreaking for ITG Transportation Services, Inc.” – Dan Kopp, CEO.

ITG applies SONAR’s data and analytics on behalf of its customers to get the following business improvement for ITG: 

  • As the COVID-19 lockdowns began in May, ITG utilized SONAR to compile Weekly Market Reports to send to their customers. Since that point, with support from SONAR data and the ability to react to market updates (and keep customers informed), volumes have rebounded 40% in the following 4 months for ITG.
  • Furthermore, since ITG began publishing their Weekly Market Reports, the firm has seen a 57% increase in engagement with their content marketing efforts.
  • Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly appreciative of the insights ITG shares each week. The ability to provide added value has aided ITG’s initiatives to put the customer first and build lasting, strong customer relationships.
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