WHITE PAPER: How disruption drives innovation in freight & freight forecasting

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The more disruptive the forces, the greater the need for change. Disruption is a catalyst for innovation.

The short-term (12 to 18 months) peak-to-trough cycles in transportation and logistics mean that the industry lives in a state of disruption. If it is not a market where freight rates are exploding higher and shippers are looking for capacity, then it is a plunging market where carriers are searching for loads as shippers roll-out mini-bids to lower rates to cut transportation costs.

Added to this volatility is the disruption created by the tsunami of new technologies and data sources that are pouring into the transportation and logistics industry right now. These new tools, data sources and analytics are so numerous that it takes time, resources and focus for companies to evaluate and integrate these varied tools to increase operational efficiencies and to find and land new business opportunities.

To that end to help freight market participants innovate and thrive during disruption, you  will read the following in this white paper:

  • The four corporate strategies for navigating through turbulent times
  • Innovation in trucking and logistics
  • Innovative strategies for shipper’s transportation operations

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