#WithSONAR hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor are joined by Chris Seeds, Director of Sales at Bridge Logistics.

They discuss how to use freight data to improve conversations and build trust with your customers. They also talked about reefer tender rejections and where the changes in the market can be seen. While reefer tender rejections are high nationwide, there are key areas of the country that shippers are having the hardest time getting their freight covered.

Watch the episode below:

Bridge Logistics is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Bridge doesn’t use automated phone experience. Its phones are always answered, with constant contact from dock to dock. The company maintains a single point of contact with clients, backed with team collaboration, to assist with directions, drive time, pick up and drop off. Bridge values and maintains working, strong relationships with its carriers. It engages with its carriers; its employees are immersed in carrier development, with original thinking A to B, producing the most-efficient results.

To see and hear more from Bridge Logistics’ Chris Seeds and FreightWaves’ Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor, watch this episode of #WithSONAR.

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