Most Volatile Markets

The Most Volatile Markets dashboard within SONAR analyzes all the major indicators that suggest a market is about to change direction.

In any given market, there’s a certain level of volatility that is considered normal. Movements outside of those fluctuations can indicate a market will realize a crunch or oversupply of capacity, for example. SONAR helps measure the not-so-normal movement of specific indexes for a market, resulting in actionable insights. SONAR’s Most Volatile Markets dashboard gives you this visibility in real time. 

  • Display all markets or select those that are essential to your operation. 
    • Further filter this feature to either all selected markets or those with volatility outliers.
  • Markets can then be prioritized by:
    • Primary Market City Name:
    • SONAR Market Code
    • U.S. Market Share %
    • Outbound Volume Volatility
    • Outbound Reject Volatility
    • Headhaul Volatility
    • Tender Lead Time Volatility
  • Outbound volume volatility: 
    • A sudden change in outbound volume indicates that the capacity map will be impacted, which directly correlates to capacity availability and changes in rates. 
    • Since SONAR presents near-time data and it can take weeks for the entire market to realize demand has changed, you’ll have the edge to take action before the competition. 
  • Outbound reject volatility:
    • A sudden change in tender rejections means that the capacity map is shifting. 
    • A rapid increase in tender rejections means that carriers are gaining an advantage in the market and have better pricing power.
Most Volatile Freight Markets