Critical Events

SONAR’s Critical Events Center offers unparalleled views of major weather events and forecasts to assist companies involved in relief operations in managing their networks. Our Critical Events widget is a powerful tool in any planning arsenal during severe weather, earthquakes, fires or controlled power outages to help with logistics weather events. 

  • Select assets vital to your supply chain on a global scale. Critical events will keep you informed in real time of disruptive threats to your assets along the supply chain:
    • Refineries
    • Railroads
    • Maritime ports
    • Airports
    • Canals
  • Map out hurricane paths, natural disasters, severe weather watches and warnings and areas impacted by fires
  • Easily interpreted visuals give you instant visibility into assets at risk
  • Easily select desired overlays to track wind gusts to precipitation to severe weather warnings and forecasted storm tracks
  • Drill down to the asset-level and gain detailed information specific to any location, including duration of the event, severity level, emergency alerts, and forecasts

With SONAR's Critical Events Center, you can monitor trucking route weather across the globe. Whether you move freight internationally or not, what happens across the world can effect the supply chain close to home. Using SONAR's Critical Events Center, you can be proactive instead of reactive. 

SONAR is always here to help you stay on top of current events, and we’ve added a COVID-19 overlay. You can track current numbers in countries, states, and cities.  Learn more about how SONAR can help you stay on top of COVID-19 freight data.

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