High-frequency multimodal data for global logistics management

SONAR is the freshest, most transparent rate, capacity, and market data across all modes to help shippers, brokers, and carriers manage transportation rates and performance.

How does SONAR work?

SONAR is the high-frequency supply chain market intelligence platform to empower businesses in the supply chain. SONAR provides users with exclusive, near real-time insights and actionable intelligence, as well as the ability to benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast the global supply chain.



Measure operational efficiency and profitability, measure market dynamics, and make data-driven decisions.



Access supply chain data and visualizations across all transportation modes at the global, national, and local level.


Determine the best opportunities and largest risks using the platform.


Predict rates and capacity, minimize service failures, and build strong partnerships.

Access granular freight market data into wait times and on-time performance.

Use high-frequency supply chain data to monitor global and domestic freight market activity by drilling down into freight market indices, uncovering actionable insights, and staying ahead of your competitors.

Enable communication with conviction across your organization.

Quickly dissect complex freight data via customizable dashboards to accelerate decision-making and outcomes.

Software tailored to your needs.

Leverage the plug-in power of SONAR data integrations to centralize your business processes and systems.

Bridge the gap between data and decisions.

SONAR makes creating dashboards quick and easy. Customize your pages with charts, 2D and 3D maps, news and watchlists or utilize one of our industry-leading apps.

Maximize your margins

Use FreightWaves TRAC to improve data models using fresh freight spot rate data for analysis and forecasts that is more reflective of market conditions.

Multidimensional Market Data

Use the Container Atlas dashboard to navigate supply and demand dynamics in ocean markets to make informed and profitable decisions.

Integrate the data

Use SONAR API to plug into your existing tech stack with our proprietary data to provide the most accurate information for your business.

See the big picture

Use 2D and 3D maps to view the freight market – from lanes to regions and coast to coast.

Watch what matters

Use Watchlists to keep track of your key market areas and stay ahead of the curve.

Track market trends

Use the Market Dashboard and Charts to get data on lanes and metrics that matter most to your business.

Predict future rates

Use Lane Signal’s scientific algorithm to see current rates and future rates up to a year out.

RFPs made easy

Use Lane Scorecard to analyze up to 200 lanes at once to make better decisions.

Evaluate your spending

Use SONAR SCI to get high-frequency contract freight rate data, make peer-based comparisons, and manage transportation spending efficiently.

Trusted by industry leaders.

The results are undeniable.

“SONAR helps employee morale; they have the real vision of the freight market they can rely on.”

President & CEO

“SONAR data empowers our organization to create solutions and educate our customer base.”

VP of Carrier Operations

“The initial results were better than expected, generating a 10% savings in transportation spend. Overall exposure to the spot market was roughly cut in half, from 20% to 11%.”
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SONAR SCI Customer

Freight data you can’t get anywhere else.

The freight market is unpredictable—get the supply chain data intelligence platform with the high-frequency multimodal data to make better decisions.