How can SONAR help me as a Maritime market participant?


What Matters

  • The ability to compare and analyze freight rates in all modes in one platform
  • Supply chain intelligence surrounding various trade lanes
  • Searching and viewing shipment details by category
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SONAR Delivers

  • Price, volume and capacity data for 90% of global trade that travels on the water, with 70% of that moving in containers


  • SONAR helps you manage risk and increase margins
  • Better understand the actual vessel capacity in order to price, book, and move ocean freight efficiently

Are you ready to save time and resources with FreightWaves SONAR? Our price, volume, and capacity data covers 90% of global trade that travels on the water. SONAR provides the data visibility you’re looking for, all in one sleek package. Better understand actual vessel capacity to price, book and move your ocean freight more efficiently, and search and view shipment details by category. SONAR provides supply chain intelligence surrounding different trade lanes to allow you to manage risk and increase margins in markets with volatile capacity. 

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