On the Spot: Pareto’s law in the Top 50 freight markets

Tony MulveyFreight Market Blog

We’re reaching back into the old treasure chest of research reports this morning to dig out a classic from October 2020. The core of the report was based on how volumes affect lane pricing and volatility . In the paper FreightWaves confirmed the Top 25 freight markets represent 53.24% of outbound tender load volumes in the U.S. We ran the data again yesterday and the Top 25 account for 53.89%. Freight markets that ranked 26 to 50 in outbound tender market share claim roughly the next 23% of outbound tender load volume. This means the Top 50 freight markets make up almost 80% of all outbound freight. 

FreightWaves’ head of research and communities Kevin Hill and senior analyst Tony Mulvey highlight Pareto’s law in the Top 50 freight markets on this week’s edition of On the Spot.

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