On this episode of #WithSONAR, hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor are joined by Tom Curee, Senior Vice President of Kingsgate Logistics. Kingsgate is a subscriber to SONAR and uses it daily.

Kingsgate Logistics offers a full scope of logistics services facilitated by leading-edge technology, and provides truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), expedited, intermodal and international shipping.

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Kingsgate’s approach to third-party logistics (3PL) is one part near-term and two parts long-term. The company’s industry-leading technology keeps its customers on top of the ever-shifting factors affecting transportation, and its staff’s experience can anticipate and navigate roadblocks.

In an industry that’s always on the move, three-plus decades is a long time. But, that’s how long Kingsgate has been building its transportation and logistics expertise, “fostering one long-standing relationship after another.” Quoting from Kingsgate’s website: “We maintain those relationships because we commit to our customers the way we want them to commit to us. Ask our customers about Kingsgate, they will tell you: we keep our word, we do what we say we will do.”

Kingsgate has a network of nearly 65,000 freight carriers vetted for the highest safety ratings and outstanding insurance status. The company is ready to fill whatever role its customers need in a 3PL – from strategic partner to on-demand resource – 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, no matter the type of shipment. Kingsgate staff will accumulate and share knowledge and data at every touch point to ensure customers are minimizing risk and cost.

Curee discusses Kingsgate’s experience with SONAR data during 2020. Falasca and Taylor dive into how SONAR data helped Kingsgate navigate the volatility of the 2020 freight market. In addition, Curee discusses how SONAR has helped Kingsgate to gain market share on its  competitors and deepen relationships with its shipper customers and the carriers that haul the freight on behalf of those customers. Curee also talks about the market transparency Kingsgate has gained due to SONAR, as well as the use of market intelligence to improve the company and many of its processes.

To see and hear more from Kingsgate Logistics’ Tom Curee and FreightWaves’ Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor, watch this episode of #WithSONAR.

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