On this episode of #WithSONAR, co-hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor discuss how to automate workflows, improve service levels and expand operations for asset-based carriers. They discussed how Zaro Transportation leverages SONAR to improve and increase its business. 

As an asset-based broker, Zaro Transportation is using SONAR to create more accurate rating processes and higher productivity gains. A Laredo, Texas-based transportation company that provides door-to-door freight services and coverage throughout Mexico and the United States, Zaro Transportation provides transportation and brokerage services that emphasize the care of delicate loads, non-trans-shippable equipment and speed of service.

Watch the episode below:

Zaro Transportation offers better service and data-driven rates due to SONAR. As supply chains grow more complex and pressure-driven in the current market, the need to maintain a strong competitive advantage has never been more important. All shippers are looking for the best solution and freight broker to connect with more carriers, lanes and capacity. And carriers are looking for brokers that offer competitive, lucrative freight rates and don’t undercut profitability. 

Falasca and Taylor discussed how team members at Zaro Transportation integrate SONAR data into the company’s transportation management system so its drivers and customer sales representatives have greater visibility into the freight market. 

To see and hear more about Zaro Transportation and FreightWaves’ Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor, watch this episode of #WithSONAR.

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