WHITE PAPER: Using data and insights as your guide to freight bidding negotiations

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freight bidding negotiations

While moving freight to the spot market works, it’s not always realistic. Everyone wants the stability of a contract. Unfortunately, existing contracts are not necessarily viable. So, companies begin looking to new freight bidding negotiations and technology to figure out what to do. 

While new technologies can help you find more truck capacity and work with a more extensive transportation network, they do little good if a company cannot approach a renewed freight bidding process from an objective standpoint. That’s where freight data analytics and insights technology make a big difference. For that reason, this white paper will explore facets of successful freight bidding negotiations, including:

  • The four categories of freight bidding negotiations
  • Reasons companies should consider a new bidding process
  • Advantages of a mini-bid over long-term contracts
  • Possible drawbacks associated with hasty or improper freight bidding negotiations
  • How data insights are integral to maximizing value during negotiations

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