Take Demand Planning and Forecasting to the Next Level: An Introduction to Tender Data

Electronic tender data is the fastest, most accurate way to measure volume and demand in the freight market. Tender volumes and rejections typically move before prices, making tender data a leading indicator of where the freight market is headed and a critical factor in how leading companies plan their transportation movements and spend. This white […]

Asleep at the Wheel: Shippers and the Freight Market Outlook for 2024

Shippers were put through the wringer during the pandemic, suffering from a combination of high rates and low service levels, but they took back pricing power in 2022. Last year was more of the same: a loose transportation market where shippers set the agenda and locked in meaningful year-over-year savings without much trouble. The question […]

Index-Linked Contracts: A New Solution for Shippers’ Dissatisfaction with RFPs

It’s no secret that the traditional RFP freight procurement process is rife with inefficiency, and even when agreements are made, rates can still vary widely throughout the term of the contract. To better understand the key pain points that shippers and carriers have with the RFP process, we analyzed the results of multiple FreightWaves surveys […]

Rocky road on the way in 2023?

The cyclicality in the freight market has never been more evident than during the past three years. In 2020 and ’21, transportation companies experienced unprecedented freight demand and remarkably tight capacity, leading to an inflationary rate environment over 18 months. The freight demand was driven by stimulus-aided goods spending as the services side of the […]

Freight Brokers Say Retaining Customers Is A Major Concern

For freight brokers who are moving contract freight, it’s been a pretty good year so far. The good times won’t last forever, so cheers to you and enjoy the ride while it lasts. For brokers who are living the spot market life, it’s been a bumpy ride. For freight brokers competition is pivoting to price, […]

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Take Demand Planning and Forecasting to the Next Level: An Introduction to Tender Data