Lane Signal


SONAR 6.0 is our most powerful release ever. We've combined freight market historic data with the world's near-time freight market data to create the most powerful freight rate analysis and forecasting platform in the market. 

With Signals actionable lane level analytics, users can drill down to each lane to determine which party has the negotiating power. This information helps empower the freight rate predictor and draws on SONAR's freight market historic data. 

Whether you’re booking, negotiating, hauling, strategizing or budgeting, SONAR 6.0 is the most powerful freight rate forecasting tool in the market. 

Our mission is to make logistics rate forecasting simple, fast, and accurate.

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Lane Signal Dashboard

Improve freight rate forecasting and gain spot market insights

  • Detemined by SONAR's proprietary algorithms
  • Based on a combination of tender rejections and historic rate data
  • Up to 12 months of future rates
  • Pricing power breakdown based on same day data
  • Based on unique HAUL score in Zip 3 markets
  • Provides previous week’s data for accurate benchmarking
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Lane Signal

SONAR Signals Open API

API platform for third party developers. Enhance your freight tech platform with pricing power analytics from SONAR. 

  • Available for free to third party application developers 
  • SONAR Signal gauges are available for freight tech platforms
  • Easily integrate with your software or current TMS software
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SONAR Signals Open API

Broker Benchmarking

Boost your competitive edge and grow your team

  • Over 100 unique metrics to measure success in multiple roles
  • Anonymous for all participants
  • Access to competitive cohorts’ KPIs
  • Criteria to ensure a fairly represented population size
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Lane Signal

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6.0 is changing how you do business.

Get access to the leading freight forecasting and freight benchmarking platform – fast.

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