Building Trust & Enhancing Conversation with Freight Data (video)


#WithSONAR hosts Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor are joined by Chris Seeds, Director of Sales at Bridge Logistics. They discuss how to use freight data to improve conversations and build trust with your customers. They also talked about reefer tender rejections and where the changes in the market can be seen. While reefer tender rejections are high […]

How to use SONAR to monitor freight markets

Monitor Freight Volumes

Freight volumes SONAR’s outbound tender volume index (OTVI) measures electronically tendered truckload volumes across the U.S. Overall OTVI is indexed to 10,000 (March 1, 2018) and is the aggregated volume in 135 U.S. freight markets. OTVI is the most accurate near-time view of the full truckload markets. Freight forecasters use the OTVI index to monitor […]

How do tender reject rates predict the freight economy?

Truck at dock

Tender rejections occur when a contracted carrier rejects an electronic load request from a shipper customer. FreightWaves SONAR measures the former via the outbound tender reject index (OTRI).  Carriers really only have two reasons for rejecting a contracted load. One, they do not have available capacity to service the request. Or, two, there are more […]

Good news: The freight market is about to turn up

Freight market forecasting is a tricky game these days. Historical freight market data models provide good reference points, but because of the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 (a classic example of a black swan event), we have to rely on current data to understand what is taking place in the freight market. The good news is […]

Why historical spot rates alone are not the best predictor of future spot rates

Truck with rainbow

History tends to repeat itself, or does it? A common thought in the trucking industry is that looking at historical spot rates are good indicators of what to expect each year. It is true to an extent that historical trends do well to predict certain aspects of future spot rates, such as seasonal movement, but […]