Maritime Market Madness

You’ve heard of “March Madness.” Well, the maritime market is in the middle of its own “August madness.” The maritime market madness has caused some retailers to wonder if Christmas is going to be canceled. While it may be premature to say Christmas is canceled, any company having to purchase capacity on the ocean is […]

Rising input and freight costs impacting paper and packaging companies’ bottom line

Last year, FreightWaves estimated that the top five paper and packaging companies in the U.S. spent a whopping $7 billion and $9 billion on transportation in 2019. Despite revenue declines across the industry in 2020, we estimate that freight spend was as high as pre-pandemic levels due to growth in packaging demand and elevated freight […]

Using SCI to evaluate the efficacy of transportation spend

Find out how CPG companies can apply SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) Platform to their business.  SONAR SCI is an expansion of the SONAR platform, the only freight forecasting platform. SONAR SCI subscribers have access to $80 billion of shipper-to-carrier freight spend. These invoices are submitted every evening and include what shippers actually pay carriers, […]