Carrier Relations & Data-Driven Decision-Making – Freight Forecasting (video)

Freight Forecasting with Michael Vincent

Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent is joined by Matt Pyatt, CEO of Arrive Logistics. Michael and Matt have a discussion about data-driven decision-making. They focus on carrier relations and management from a third-party logistics provider (3PL) perspective. Watch the episode below: They also discuss how various SONAR indices can generate a positive impact on broker/carrier […]

ECON 101 – Freight Forecasting (video)

Freight Forecasting with Michael Vincent

Anthony Smith, FreightWaves’ Lead Economist, joins Freight Forecasting host Michael Vincent to explain and illustrate the importance of economic factors and how they can have a great deal of influence on the freight markets and the various modes of freight movement. Anthony and Michael discuss Industrial Production and ISM Diffusion Indices. They also talk about […]

How do tender reject rates predict the freight economy?

Truck at dock

Tender rejections occur when a contracted carrier rejects an electronic load request from a shipper customer. FreightWaves SONAR measures the former via the outbound tender reject index (OTRI).  Carriers really only have two reasons for rejecting a contracted load. One, they do not have available capacity to service the request. Or, two, there are more […]

What factors drive the trucking freight economy?

Freight forecasters need to understand what drives the freight economy in order to forecast volumes, capacity and rates.  Much like the general economy, the variables that drive the freight economy are too numerous to count. However, we can narrow down the principal factors to a select few that really move the needle. Many of these […]