How can SONAR help me as a Shipper?

The freight market has never been more volatile, but as shippers, you’ve never been more prepared than with FreightWaves SONAR. With access to near-time insight into freight market and lane volatility, SONAR allows you to react to changing rate environments faster than the rest.

SONAR’s customizable dashboard lets you see everything you need and nothing that you don’t–ultimately helping to optimize your contract tendering and shipping schedules. Regional maps give you insight into your market and commodity flow, helping you to get to the bottom of what’s affecting your transportation spend faster than ever before. The future of freight is at your fingertips.

We deliver a faster view of freight market data than anybody else in the industry – by several days and even weeks. Through our unique combination of data, analytic tools and news, you’re given unprecedented insight and understanding into what is happening in the freight markets right now, in the near near term and forward looking into weeks and months ahead.


What Matters

  • Freight cost per unit/lb.
  • In/Outbound freight cost % of sales
  • Accessorial cost %
  • Detention cost %
  • Routing guide compliance
  • On-time %
  • Average lead time
  • Transit time trends
  • Claims: Loss/stolen %

SONAR Delivers

  • Fastest access to proprietary freight market data with a 1-2 day lead on widely available, price discovery spot rate data
  • Market region, state level, and lane level market insights in time-based, interactive charts, maps and watch lists
  • Daily tactical to strategic data points and market insights
  • API connectivity/workflow integration


  • Operating margins and lower transport costs through better responsiveness to changing rate environments
  • Optimize your contract and waterfall tendering based on increased visibility of market/lane volatility
  • Optimize daily/weekly/monthly shipping schedules and increase lead-times through better visibility of cyclical capacity patterns
  • Insights into seasonal market/lane patterns for optimal bid cycle pricing strategies

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