A Bounty of SONAR Resources

We know there’s no other platform on the market quite like SONAR. To help you navigate all of the awesomeness that SONAR has to offer, we’ve created a catalog of resources, listed below, to help support your SONAR journey.


Market Experts

SONAR users have exclusive access to a team of industry Market Experts and their Daily Watch playbook. The Daily Watch email is produced and released 7 days a week at 10:00am ET.

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Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is an exclusive resource for SONAR subscribers and houses everything you need to know to navigate the #1 source for freight market data. Stay up to date with the most recent release notes, watch how-to videos, browse FAQs, and connect with SONAR super users to learn the product inside and out.


Use Cases

To help you make the most out of SONAR, FreightWaves’ Market Experts have compiled thorough Use Case examples, designed to walk you through the indices, features, and data sets that we turn to day in and day out.

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Weekly Webinar Updates

Every Wednesday at 2:00pm ET, SONAR gurus review real time freight market activity for the week, intertwined with insights and data analysis using the SONAR market dashboard, followed by Q&A.

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Weekly Article Updates

Each week, market commentary from the update video is put into an article that can be read, based on the notes from the weekly video. 

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Release Notes

SONAR moves and changes as fast as the freight markets. We’re continually updating and enhancing our data and product feature set. Stay up to speed with our weekly release notes.

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SONAR Index Reference Guide

Our exclusive market indices provide uses with a wealth of knowledge and insight. The map will guide you through the data sets and indices that are right for yours needs.

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FreightWaves NOW

Daily videos that use SONAR data to highlight key or impactful things to watch in the freight market for that day and over the next 24-72 hours. Free to view every business day at 4:00PM ET.

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