How can SONAR help me if I'm involved in Rail/Intermodal?

Rail and intermodal traffic is one of the best real-time indicators of economic activity. FreightWaves SONAR delivers a faster view of the seven Class 1 railroads by commodity type, intermodal rates by lane, daily volumes of all containers, and railcar lease rates than any other platform in the industry.


What Matters

  • Access to intermodal rates by lane
  • Granular rail operating metrics

SONAR Delivers

  • Weekly rail traffic data from the 7 Class 1 railroads broken down by commodity type
  • Weekly intermodal rates by lane and intermodal daily volumes of all containers (empty/loaded)
  • Rail velocity and terminal dwell by railroad, region and commodity type
  • Lease rate for the major railcar categories
  • The industry‚Äôs best analytics platform for all aspects of the global supply chain


  • Decide which mode is best for you by using intermodal rates within SONAR
  • Better understand real-time rail traffic economic indicators, particularly for the industrial economy

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