SONAR High-frequency supply chain data for global logistics management

Supply Chain leaders can benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast the global physical goods economy.

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Industry Leading Freight Data and Analytics

SONAR’s best-in-class freight market data shows you trends and disruptions earlier than any other platform, enabling you to respond faster.

  • Utilize FreightWaves TRAC to win more freight with spot rates that reflect current market conditions
  • Benchmark against reliable paid contract rates from freight shipper invoices in SONAR SCI
  • Navigate ocean markets with SONAR Container Atlas
  • Explore tender volume and rejection data at the market level
  • Keep freight moving with SONAR’s intermodal and rail data

Trusted by industry leaders.

Make data-driven decisions toward supply chain operations and management strategy

SONAR’s data intelligence benefits shippers in all modes of transportation. High-frequency supply chain data improves strategic planning and gives your day-to-day operators the right tools.


Measure freight spend and carrier service, operational efficiency, and profitability against market dynamics.


Access supply chain data and visualizations across all transportation modes at the global, national, and local level.


Identify opportunities to optimize your network and see emerging market trends before the competition.


Predict rates and capacity, minimize service failures, and build strong partnerships.

Freight data you can’t get anywhere else.

The freight market is unpredictable—get the supply chain data intelligence platform with the high-frequency multimodal data to make better decisions.