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Benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast with the leading freight analytics and forecasting platform. Forecast conditions for rates, volumes and capacity on major lanes for up to 12 months and avoid potential risks to your supply chain using indices and features across all modes.

Eliminate guessing and the “what if’s” from your decision making; the fast market intelligence you need is in SONAR.

How are others using SONAR?

SONAR has a constant stream of data which helps me tell a story in a way that connects freight movements to local events and industries. This demonstrates how essential the trucking industry is to a particular city, state or region’s economy.

Paul J. Enos

nevada trucking association

Data driven decisions are table stakes in the 21st century, and SONAR is the place to go to make objective sense of transportation/logistics. Thanks for lighting the way!

Dave Beaird

beaird solutions

Since subscribing to SONAR we are able to confirm market trends and conditions in a matter of moments. Be it weather, capacity shifts, pricing changes, or economic data it’s all right there in a matter of a few clicks and we can make an informed decision.

Gerald Moore

hybrid transit systems

How can SONAR help my business?


A freight brokerage can use SONAR across its entire organization – from floor-level, commercially-facing contributors all the way to through C-suite reports.

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Enterprise Shippers

Advanced and enterprise apply SONAR use cases to streamline GTM and keep freight bidding and spend under control.

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How carriers use SONAR

Spot market carriers, contract OTR carriers, and dedicated fleets are all seeking to maintain profitability while meeting shippers’ needs.

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