Trucking Rates’s weekly trucking rates and volume data gives you more visibility into the trucking spot market. Each week you will find new all-in and trucking rates per mile along with volume assessments on the top 100 origin-destination pairs, while still having access to historical data. 

SONAR users gain a powerful dataset with trucking spot rate data. The indexed lane pairs are based on billions of dollars in trucking spot rate transactions.

Users can access dry van, flatbed and reefer rates on all 100 lanes through’s rates to more accurately analyze the impact of the contract and spot markets. 

Trucking rates have been broken down per mile in SONAR. Pulling the data down to mile per lane allows you to make faster, easier decisions that are more specific to your needs. Flatbed rates

Truckstop Rate Per Mile

Layering and comparing volume data gives you a more comprehensive view of freight movement across the markets. Be better prepared for pricing and economic curves using volume data in SONAR, the leading freight analysis platform.

What datasets will you see in SONAR? 

  • 7-Day Flatbed All-in Rate
  • 7-Day Flatbed Rates Per Mile
  • 7-Day Flatbed Volume Index
  • 7-Day Reefer All-in Rate
  • 7-Day Reefer Rates Per Mile
  • 7-Day Reefer Volume Index
  • 7-Day Van All-in Rate
  • 7-Day Van Rates Per Mile
  • 7-Day Van Volume Index

“The level of reporting and authenticity at FreightWaves makes it an invaluable resource to anyone looking to better understand the market. The ability to provide relevant data to business owners is becoming more and more important, which is why we are so excited to be adding our data to SONAR,” said Brent Hutto, Chief Relationship Officer of 

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