Truck and Trailer Prices, Orders, and Production Stats

Trucking is one of the most cyclical industries on the planet.

When the trucking market is healthy, carriers expand their fleets by buying new trucks and trailers to take advantage of higher trucking rates and high freight demand. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)  experienced increased new truck orders and production of trucks and trailers follows. 

Used equipment prices also increase, as owner-operators,  large and small fleets add to their truck counts. If the global economy is strong, high demand for used trucks for export will also increase. 

Keeping up with the data on the equipment market has always been challenging. No longer, as SONAR brings all of this data directly to you through the same interface of the other SONAR datasets. 

OEM/Equipment data includes:

  • Used truck prices
  • Used trailer prices
  • New truck orders
  • New trailer orders
  • Truck production
  • Trailer production 
  • Car production (by market and OEM)

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