Transportation Risk Management

What gets measured gets managed in the risk management world. SONAR’s proprietary hours-of-service (HOS) indices allow shippers, carriers and intermediaries to see which freight markets have the highest and lowest driver utilization levels by capturing the amount of time spent driving, loading and unloading. Use SONAR to make better transportation risk management business decisions.

Risk Management variables tracked include:

  • HOS 11 hours on-duty daily driving 
  • HOS 14 hours on-duty 
  • HOS violations
  • DOT reportable accidents
  • Violations reported to FMCSA
  • Driver fitness compliance 
  • Fatalities 
  • Inspections
  • Out-of-service violations

Hours of Service Utilization Stats

SONAR users get access to aggregated and anonymized electronic logging device (ELD) utilization data that tracks HOS elements, including daily driving by market (11 hours) and hours on-duty by market (14 hours). The HOS data is useful to track market utilization and the ability of carriers to maximize their hours. 

Safety and FMCSA CSA Program Data

SONAR’s unique datasets are based on the seven basics of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) CSA Program, with an additional risk management category to provide a more accurate measure of risk by normalizing the number of carrier and driver inspections and violations by the number of miles traveled. This new number creates additional insight into not only which state has the best and worst safety exposure, but also factors in roadside enforcement severity, which varies from state to state. Establishing an inspection and violation rate per mile for all violation types is the only accurate way to identify where to target limited risk management resources. 

SONAR subscribers are able to see additional types of violations reported to the FMCSA on a monthly basis by state including the following:

  • Hazardous materials—VIOHZM
  • Insurance—VIOINO
  • Unsafe driving—VIOUSD
  • Vehicle maintenance—VIOVMA

In addition to this, FreightWaves has also added a ratio of violations to inspections. SONAR users can see which states have the highest rates of writing a citation when a truck is inspected. This information will allow carriers to see which states have the highest likelihood of inspection and what they look for.

Accidents Per State and Per 10,000 Highway Miles

The FMCSA collects data on incidents involving large vehicles that require a commercial drivers license (CDL). SONAR now has this data available by state in total and in the ratio of incidents per 10,000 highway miles. These numbers will tell carriers where and when they can operate in the safest environment.

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