TCA Benchmarking

SONAR provides users with exclusive access to leading indicators on the overall health of the truckload sector. These metrics are derived and aggregated from the monthly results reported by participants in the Truckload Carrier Association's (TCA) Profitability Program (TPP). Using secure means, these participants submit their detailed financial and operational data on a monthly basis to FreightWaves (the exclusive benchmarking software provider for TPP). In turn, these companies are able to compare and contrast their operational and financial performance on over 490 key performance indicators. The most important measures of this group are available (by operating mode) for all SONAR users.

To take it to the next level, carriers and brokerage operators can join the TCA Profitability Program and gain access to the new inGauge widget within SONAR. It provides granular access to all performance indicators and filters to better match the operating attributes of the company(ies).

SONAR users get access to 30+ indexes that are aggregated from the TPP program. Members of TPP get full access to all 490 key performance indicators (KPIs). 

About the TPP platform:

TPP is part of the Truckload Carriers Association. The program has been operating since 2002, when Best Practices Groups were formed. Members meet two to three times a year to compare results and share best practices and ideas. TPP also produces a monthly playbook and leverages the inGauge cloud-based benchmarking platform to derive data insights.

The key to the TPP program, though, is the inGauge data, which is collected monthly from 120 member companies (although there are 230 companies currently with profiles). The goal over the next six years is to increase that to 2,000 active company profiles.

inGauge collects 240 KPIs and attempts to standardize operational data to provide participating companies with benchmarking tools to improve performance. For instance, the top-performing companies generally have a driver to non-driver ratio of 9 to 1. The industry average is 4.3 to 1.

Using the data, TPP produces aggregated and anonymized datasets. Mode-specific lists are also available. 

Fleets can apply information from the TPP program to make their businesses more profitable. 

TCA Benchmarking includes the following variables: 

  • Average length of haul 
  • Brokerage revenue %
  • Driver to non-driver ratio
  • Revenue per driver per week
  • Driver turnover (%)
  • Empty miles (%)
  • Insurance expense (%)
  • Loaded miles (%)
  • Load per truck per week
  • Maintenance expense per mile
  • Miles per truck per week
  • Net revenue per truck per week
  • Gross fuel expense per mile
  • Gross fuel expense (%)
  • Operating ratio
  • Owner operator/driver ratio 
  • Truck to driver ratio

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